Bhargawa_CDCDirector Message

Bhargawa_CDC Dear Students,
It is my pleasure to welcome you at Bhargawa CDC.
In this age of computerization, we always used to say that Bihar is lagging from other states in our country. No one is interested in finding the reason!
The reason behind it is very simple. People are not aware with computers & internet. They don't know the usage of computer and still continuing their work with the pen & papers.
With the aim of providing the people with the best computer knowledge. Bhargawa Career Development Centre was established at Dalsingsarai, Bihar. At present we have more than ten learning centers in Bihar & Jharkhand.
Bhargawa CDC provides best results & the students are now located in various parts of Bihar & other states.
I am proud of you for choosing Bhargawa CDC.
I wish for your success.
Nitish Bhargaw