10+2/ College Students

Diploma in Computer Application
Min: - 6 Months
Max: - 9 Months
Eligibility: - 10th Appeared/Passed

Intro, Computer History/Evolution/Generation, Computer Architecture , Data & Information, CPU & Memory Organization, I/O Devices, Number System, Logic Gates, LAN System, Elements, Hardware & Peripherals etc

MS Office

MS-Word – Introduction, Paragraph, change case, font, tabs, drop cap bullets & “ Numbering, Borders and shading, auto shape , Caption, Columns, Textbox, footnote, insert Table, Formula, Sort, Form mail merge Spelling and Grammar, Thesaurus, Auto Correct

MS-Excel – – Introduction ( worksheet, cell), Cells Series function ( sum (), average (), IF (), Chart, Goal Seek, Scenarios, Project Sheet, Soft Filter – Auto, filter and advanced filter, form consolidate, subtotals , table, validation

MS-PowerPoint - Introduction, Slide Sorter, Slide Transition Apply design, Font alignment, background, action buttons, setup show, custom animation

MS-Outlook- Introduction, Configuration, Bulk Mailing

Internet & HTML

Fundamental, Browsing, Creating E-mail Account, Sending/Receiving E-mail etc.

Desktop Publisher
Min: - 3 Months
Max: - 5 Months
Eligibility: - 8th Appear/Passed

Page Maker, Corel Draw, Photoshop

Computer Teacher Training
Min: - 1 Year
Max: - 2 Years
Eligibility: - 12th Passed

Computer Fundamental Computer Organization

Operating System Concepts

Introduction to Internet


Windows Operating System


Ms-Power Point


Computer Programming

Visual Basic

Web Page Design

Programming Skills

Photoshop, Corel Draw, Page Maker



Micro Teaching

IT Students & IT Engineers

Diploma in Information Technology
Min: - 9 Months
Max: - 12 Months
Eligibility: - 10th Appeared/Passed

Basic Hardware

Operating Systems

Basic of JAVA

Other syllabus is according to DCA & DTP or Tally.

Advance Diploma in Computer Application
Min: - 12 Months
Max: - 18 Months
Eligibility: - 12th Appear/Passed


Java Concepts

Live Projects

Others syllabus are according to DCA, DTP, Tally

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Min: - 1 Year
Max: - 2 Years
Eligibility: - Graduation Appear/Passed
First Semester

Course Title


Data Structure

Programming in C

Financial Accounting

C Programming Lab and Windows based Application


Data Structure Lab

Second Semester

Course Title

Discrete Mathematics


OOPS using C++

Computer Organization and Architecture


OOPS (C++) Lab

IT Certifications

Advance Hardware
Min: - 3 Months
Max: - 6 Months
Eligibility: - 10th Appear/Passed
Introduction to Computer

Understanding Electronic Communication

An Overview of Computer

The Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Supplying Power to a Computer

Primary PC Components.


Basic Disk Drivers

High Capacity Disk Drives

Expansion Buses

The Display System Monitors and Adapters

Printers Modems and Cables

The Display System Monitors and Adapters

The Basics of Electrical Energy

Upgrading a Computer.

MS DOS and Windows 3.x.

Windows 95 and Beyond

Managing and Troubleshooting Windows

Connectivity and Portability

Maintaining Computer Hardware Staying on Top of Your Profession Glossary

Min: - 2 Months
Max: - 4 Months
Eligibility: - 12th Appear/Passed
Media and Topologies

Network Elements

Physical Topologies

Physical Media

Network Connectivity Devices

WAN Devices

Protocols and standards

Layers of OSI

MAC addressing

Purpose of sub netting

Difference between public and private networks


Network Utilities

Network Implementation

Basic Capabilities of Network Operating System (NOS)



Benefits of Using Antivirus software

Fault tolerance

Disaster recovery

Network Support

Troubleshooting scenario

The Troubleshooter’s Resources

Manufacturers Troubleshooting Resources

Hardware Network Troubleshooting Tools

Software Troubleshooting Tools

Min: - 2 Months
Max: - 4 Months
Eligibility: - 12th Appear/Passed

Install and configure Windows Server 2008.

Add and configure Windows Server Core roles.

Explain the new backup infrastructure, including Volume Shadow Copy Service.

Identify new and improved networking features with Windows Server 2008

Configure Hyper-V virtual machines.

Identify considerations when upgrading from a Windows Server 2003 to a Windows Server 2008 Active Directory infrastructure.

Install and configure Active Directory Federation Services, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, and Active Directory Rights management Services.

Use Read-Only Domain Controllers

Identify new features in AD DS auditing.

Implement AD DS auditing.

Configure Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering.

Computer Organization and Architecture

Configure Windows Server 2008 Network Load Balancing

MS Office 2013
Min: - 3 Months
Max: - 8 Months
Eligibility: - 12th Appear/Passed

Finance & Accounting Courses

Min: - 3 Months
Max: - 6 Months
Eligibility: - 12th Appear/Passed

Basics of Accounting

Fundamentals of Tally

Accounting Masters in Tally

Inventory in Tally

Voucher En tryin Tally

Advanced Accounting in Tally

Advanced Inventory

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Central Sales Tax (CST)

Point of Sale (PoS)

Job Costing

Multilingual Capabilities

Technological Advantages of Tally

Tally.NET and Remote Capabilities

Application Management and Controls

Online Help and Support

Service Tax

Tax Deducted at Source

Tax Collected at Source

Excise for Dealers

Excise for Manufacture rears

Payroll Accounting and Compliance

Income Tax return filling

Sale Tax Return filling

IT for Beginners

Aao Computer Sikhe “Foundation”
Min: - 1 Month
Max: - 3 Months
Eligibility: - 5th Appeared/Passed (for under 10th Class)

Basic of Computer

Windows Fundamental

MS Word

MS Power Point


Aao Computer Sikhe “Intermediate”
Min: - 1 Month
Max: - 3 Months
Eligibility: - Either Foundation or 8th Passed

Basic of Computer

Windows Fundamental

MS Word

MS Power Point



Basic Hardware